Play Safe Rubber Mulch Pour-N-Place Specs

General: The surface is field applied in any configuration or dimensions. It is a single layer system that can be poured in various thickness depending on the fall height of the equipment. If poured in a thickness of 2-inches, over a 4-inch compacted rock base, the Mulch Pour-N-Place safety surface will protect to an 8-foot fall height, per ASTM F 1292-99 for impact attenuation.

Applications: The Rubber Mulch Pour-N-Place surface is ideal for use under Playgrounds, Walking Paths, Nature Trails and Side Walks. It provides a seamless anti-fatigue surface, without the upkeep and maintenance of wood mulch and helps to provide handicap accessibility. Our Mulch Pour-N-Place is perfect for Zoos and Amusement Parks, Corporate Parks, State and City Parks, Senior Centers, Parks and Recreation Departments or any other high traffic outdoor pedestrian area.

FeaturesPlay Safe Rubber Mulch Pour-N-Place surface offers a natural look that blends with Mother Nature. Its single layer system offers the convenience of one day installation in most cases. The rubber granule is similar to EPDM, without the characteristics and headaches sometimes associated with the EPDM Pour-N-Place surface.

Colors: There are 6 basic colors, along with custom colors that are available. The basic color choices are: Red Cedar, Pine Bark, Granite, Redwood, Brick and Black. You may mix colors in any combination as well.

Urethanes: A standard Aromatic urethane binder is normally used with the Mulch Pour-N-Place surface. If your color choice involves a lighter colored mulch, there is normally no need to change to an Aliphatic binder. The yellowing effect typically adds to the “natural” appearance of the pour. This allows you to keep the cost down.

Site Preparation: There are many applications in which our mulch surface can be poured. It can be applied over a subsurface of concrete, asphalt or 4” compacted stone. Proper drainage is important so that standing water or run off does not deteriorate the subsurface beneath the Pour-N-Place safety surface. The edges can be butted to a flush border or beveled to the subsurface.

Cost: Our Rubber Mulch Pour-N-Place surface can be installed in most cases, in a two inch thickness, for $6.75 a square foot or less. This would include a landscape fabric installed under the safety surface to prohibit weed growth. Any site preparation or drainage problems, would be at additional cost. If you are interested in this surface, and are within a 100 mile radius of the metro Atlanta area, please contact us.


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Mulch Pour-N-Place Specs
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