General: The surface is field applied in any configuration or dimensions. It is a two layer system consisting of a base mat of SBR (buffings) and urethane with a top surface of EPDM and urethane. The top surface is normally 1/2 thick over a various base mat thickness depending on the fall height of the equipment.

Features: It offers dual density construction and porous design. The EPDM surface offers custom design features such as logos, artwork, shapes, games designs, etc.

Colors: The top surface of EPDM is normally applied in a 50/50 color ratio with Black being one color. Solid colors and other ratios are available. Color choices include Red, Bright Green, Blue, Beige, Gray, Purple, Brown, Dark Gray, Dark Green, Light Beige, Light Green, Yellow, Pearl, Teal, Dark Blue, Gold and Black.

Urethanes Effect on Colors: A standard Aromatic urethane binder is normally used with most colors. It has a yellowing effect that is normally not noticed or will fade within a few weeks in the sun. On darker colors or light yellows, beige or tans, it is recommended that an Aliphatic (special order) binder be used because of its non-yellowing effects. There is an upcharge in cost when using Aliphatic Binders.

Site Preparation: There are many different applications in which EPDM can be poured. It can be applied over a subsurface of  concrete, asphalt or 4 crushed stone. With a 4 compacted rock base and a 2 Pour-N-Place safety surface, you are protected to a 7 fall height per ASTM F 1292-99 for impact attenuation. Proper drainage is important so that standing water or run off does not deteriorate the subsurface beneath the Pour-N-Place safety surface. The edges can be butted to a flush border or beveled to the subsurface.

Installation Process: The two pictures below show the two step installation process. In the bottom left picture, the base mat  is applied in a thickness appropriate for the fall height of the equipment. In the bottom right, a 1/2 cap of EPDM is applied over the base mat for the finished surface.

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EPDM Pour-N-Place Specs
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